Japanese green tea

Basic instructions for preparing a cup of green tea.

The main factor determining the taste and aroma of drinking tea is its preparation. First,low acidic soft water suitable for Japanese green tea is boiled. Next,measure out the tea and check the amount and temperature of the hot water,according to the kind of tea used. Next pour hot water into the pot. After steeping for the proper time, pour the tea a little at a time into each cup in turn until all the water in the pot is used up.

1.Warm up the cups and pot.
When the water is cold, first warm up cups and pots with hot water. The best tea water is believed to come from springs high in mountain valleys. In fact, we recommend that you try our tea with various waters and then choose one which most appeals to you.

2.Measure the amount of tea leaves.
To serve three persons, measure 5 to 6g. Please adjust quantity only from liking.

3.Pour hot water into the pot.
First, pour out the hot water used for warming up the pot. Then pour hot water into the pot. The water should be boiled beforehand.

4.Pour tea into each cup.
If about 1 minute passes, Then pour the tea into each cup in turn until all the water in the pot is used up. There should be no water left in the pot. This ensures that the quality of the tea is equal in all the cups with no person's tea being too weak or too strong.

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